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Connection Design

St. Louis' Premier Steel Connection Design and Engineering Firm

For as long as there have been buildings, bridges, or anything constructed with structural steel, there have been connections holding the steel together.

Connection Designs | Connection EngineeringThe Structural Engineer of Record frequently places the responsibility for connection design on the steel fabricator who is required to provide signed and sealed connection designs. Structures, Inc. was created because of this practice and today we are a fabricators’ regional engineer of choice for steel connection design.

As a leader in the industry, Structures, Inc. is current on the AISC Steel Construction Manual and Seismic Design Manual.

We have performed our own in-house Quality Control checking of the design calculations produced by the SDS/2 program and are aware of its capabilities and limitations.

We also supplement SDS/2 calculations with independent software, spreadsheets developed by our engineers, and manual computations when necessary.

Connections Engineering | St. LouisWhether the design methodology is ASD or LRFD, we have the knowledge and tools to get the project completed quickly and efficiently.

Each fabricator has its own preferences when it comes to steel fabrication and our relationships with the fabricators allow us to adapt our designs to specific shop practices.

These preferences include:

  • Connection Types
  • Welded vs. Bolted Connections
  • Plate Thicknesses
  • Bolt Types and Sizes