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Diversification in the structural engineering field is one of the keys to the long range success of Structures, Inc.

Our firm is one of the few local firms of its size that has structural engineering expertise in multiple disciplines, particularly buildings and bridges. Consequently, we routinely provide services in the following markets:

Building Engineering

St. Louis Building Engineer

Our Building Engineering practice focuses on low-rise to mid-rise buildings in the commercial, office, educational, municipal, and institutional sectors.

In addition, much of our building work comes from industrial facilities involving plant additions, maintenance, modifications and rehabilitations.

We consistently strive to satisfy the architectural aspirations of a building’s concept while ensuring proper structural function and constructible design documents.

Bridge Engineering

Bridge Engineering St Louis MO

Our staff has a wide range of experience in Bridge Engineering, from single span creek crossings to major highway interchange structures.

We are adept at designing bridges that are federally funded and have working knowledge of the AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications and many state and local bridge design manuals.

Structures, Inc. is a prequalified consultant with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), an approved on-call structural consultant for MoDOT’s Local Public Agency program, and an on-call consultant with other local agencies.

We also have conducted hundreds of bridge inspections, load rating studies, bridge rehabilitation reports, and condition assessments.

Industrial Structures

Whether it's a plant modification, maintenance issue, or a new design, our Industrial Structures practice can provide a solution.

Any contractor who has ever worked in an industrial or manufacturing setting has been faced with the dilemma of moving a heavy or odd shaped piece of equipment from point A to point B. Structures, Inc. provides rigging engineering for Contractors in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities.

Contractor Designs

Contractor Designs is a specialty niche of our firm. Our ability to adapt our designs to existing site constraints makes Structures, Inc. the engineer of choice for contractors.

Whether it’s a temporary structure that permits the contractor to execute the work more efficiently or a permanent structure specified to be designed by the contractor’s engineer, Structures, Inc. knows “time is money” for a contractor and responds quickly to contractor requests.

Structures, Inc. also provides value engineering services for contractors who believe there is a better option than what is detailed on the construction plans.

Unique Structures

Unique Structures Engineering

Our Unique Structures discipline includes a variety of “out of the ordinary” structures, including many with architectural features.

With an average of nearly 30 years of experience per engineer, Structures, Inc. is willing to tackle the projects that are out of the comfort zone of most firms.

Connection Design

Connection Designs |Steel Connections

Historically, several major structural failures have occurred as a result of faulty structural steel Connection Design.

While many structural Engineers of Record shy away from steel connection design, Structures, Inc. got its start with connection design and continues to be a leader in the connection design field.

Our staff has prepared thousands of designs for steel fabricators using both the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) method as well as using the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) method.

We are current with widely used connection design software such as SDS/2 and Descon.