St. Louis Structural Engineer | Structures, Inc.

History of Structures

Founded in 1994 as Structures Unlimited Inc., the original business focused on preparIng structural steel connection design calculations for local steel fabricators.

As the demand for these services grew, a broader array of structural engineering assignments were taken on by the team which expanded the firm's expertise beyond the connection design field.

With business steadily increasing, the company was relocated in 2001 to south St. Louis County and hired additional staff to assist with the ever increasing workload.

It was at this time when the firm was reorganized and took on its current name of Structures, Inc.

Over the years, Structures, Inc. has strategically hired key personnel to allow the firm to diversify in the structural engineering field. With ever increasing business and growth of staff, the business expanded into its current location at 11414 Gravois Road in south St. Louis County, just a few miles from our previous location.

Structures, Inc. has expanded its services into commercial, industrial and bridge design fields.

We are one of the few local firms of our size that truly has expertise in building, industrial and bridge design...and today we are still providing those same steel connection design services to our fabricator clients that the company started with over 20 years ago!

Our current ownership team since 2011, John J. Gruendler, PE, SE, President, and Roy E. Jennings, PE, Vice-President, were each part of the key personnel that were hired to spark versatility in the firm. Each brings solid experience in their respective fields.

With John’s background in bridge design and Roy’s background in building and industrial design, the firm is positioned well in both areas, strengthening the firm’s sustainability and the ownership’s vision for continued growth.